Speech Communications

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere. —Lee Iacocca—

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-24-18


  • Students will deliver Hero speeches and also deliver student and self-evaluations

TEKS:  TEKS 130.99: 2B, D; 10E, ii, iv, v, vi, xiv

  • Monday:  Practice delivering Hero speeches to partners
  • Tuesday:  Begin the presentation of Hero speeches
  • Wednesday:  Continue Hero speeches
  • Thursday:  Continue/conclude Hero speeches/discuss self-critiques
  • Friday:  Conclude Hero speeches/discuss self-critiques

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-17-18


  • Students will learn about, and practice on, an informative speech, which will be about a personal hero in their life

TEKS:  TEKS 130.99: 10E, ii, iv, v, vi

  • Monday:  Practice writing outlines/speech body
  • Tuesday:  Continue outline practice, begin discussing conclusions
  • Wednesday:  Practice/share conclusions
  • Thursday:  Begin using Chromebooks to write speech outlines in preparation for Hero speeches next week
  • Friday:  Continue using Chromebooks to write speech outlines in preparation for Hero speeches next week

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-10-18


TEKS:  TEKS 130.99: 10-E, iv, viii

  • Monday:  Discuss fear, stage fright, and ways to deal with them
  • Tuesday:  Discuss the planks of confidence
  • Wednesday:  Discuss the steps to writing introductions/write introductions
  • Thursday:  Share introductions
  • Friday:  Discuss how to write an outline

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-3-18


TEKS:  TEKS 130.99: 10-B, vi-vii; 10-E, viii

  • Monday:  Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday:  Begin silent movie—“The Kid”
  • Wednesday:  Continue “The Kid”
  • Thursday:  Conclude “The Kid”–discuss handout
  • Friday:  Begin discussion of fear and speaker confidence.

Lesson Plans-Week of 8-27-18


TEKS:  TEKS 130.99: 10-B, vii; 10-E, viii

  • Monday:  Discuss Non-Verbal Communication and handout
  • Tuesday:  Continue discussing NV handout
  • Wednesday:  Worksheet in class
  • Thursday:  Test on Communication Process and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Friday:  Begin discussion of fear and speaker confidence.

Lesson Plans-Week of 8-20-18


TEKS:  130.99; 2-D; 10B: ii, xi

  • Monday:  Continue/conclude Introduction speeches
  • Tuesday:  Begin study of the Communication Process/Discuss handout
  • Wednesday:  Complete discussing handout/Do worksheet in class
  • Thursday:  Test on Communication Process
  • Friday:  In groups of (4) students each, build lists of ways that they can be more responsible with communication at school and home.


Lesson Plans-Week of 8-13-18


  • The student will use spoken language to communicate thoughts and ideas to a large group.

TEKS:  130.99; 2-D

  • Monday:  No classes
  • Tuesday:  No classes
  • Wednesday:  No classes
  • Thursday:  Cover class rules and expectations, along with the materials each student will need.  Assign personal introduction speeches.
  • Friday:  Begin personal introduction speeches.

Staying Connected

A GREAT way for both parents and students to stay connected to what’s going on in class is to make use of the Remind app. Through it, Mr. Higginbotham will be able to send out information blasts about assignments, due dates, etc. And, it’s also an ideal way for you to contact him if you’re unclear on assignments, or if there are any questions you might have. Here are the instructions, using both texting and e-mail.


Enter this number into your smartphones: 81010. Then, text the following message to that number: @f2bg48. That should get you all squared away and tapped into any info that Mr. Higginbotham sends out.


In this instance, just send an e-mail to the following address: f2bg48@mail.remind.com. That will get you connected.

If you have any problems with either of these, either send an e-mail to [email protected] or be sure and let Mr. Higginbotham know when you get to class.

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